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If you’ve visited this website before, you may have noticed it has changed a bit, as mentioned on the about page.

This website has gone beyond being just a page of Yorkshire links, and merged a number of individual sub-domain based sites into one big website to try make them less of a pain in the butt to manage instead of seperate websites for:

  • Yorkshire Links page
  • Yorkshire Tourism Website
  • Whitby Website
  • Whitby Piers Website
  • Scarborough Website

They will from now on be merged into here to update and drive traffic to (if things go to plan for once).

The Yorkshire Links page I hadn’t been able to doing anything with for several years due to a change in versions of the website building software I was using, followed by computer technical problems that screwed things up further.

The Yorkshire Tourism website I built was originally intended to be much like the other various individual efforts at cobbling together websites about tourist attractions in the region, and takeover from my previous posting efforts on Tripadvisor and before that to a much more greater extent on the now defunct VirtualTourist website.

That website went wrong because I suddenly became less able to afford to move around exploring places as much as I had, along with less able to afford to own as many domains, followed by changes in Interweb technology + a failed hard drive trashing years worth of photographs I’d been taking for the purposes of knocking together websites such as that.

The Whitby website fizzled out probably due to technology changes and being drowned out by other similar websites, SEO problems + people seeming more interested in Facebook pages/groups.

The Whitby Piers website became sort of no longer needed after they finally fixed the things.

The Scarborough website got neglected, then the forums I built for there quit working due to changes in the way CGI/Perl works so it no longer loads on the server.

So, from now on everything will shift over here onto this single wordpress thing.

Naturally this website can only fully work if I’m fed information from the Yorkshire region that I can turn into blog posts, whether it is general news or notification of an event that’s planned. There’ll be a contact form on the site at some point in the near future.

There will also of course be the messageboard forums so you can yabber among yourselves.

I’ll probably be needing moderators + content contributors at some point, so give me a shout if you’re interested – these will be voluntary unpaid positions (unless this website takes off like a cat with a scalded arse and I actually start making good money with one of these things for once finally).

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