Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK - View looking towards Whitby Abbey and Tate Hill Beach + Tate Hill Pier

Whitby is a well known town on the Yorkshire Coast area of North Yorkshire.

The town is a fishing port, tourist destination and also used to be used for transporting things on Cargo ships until modern ships started getting too big to fit in the harbour.

The town is known for it’s ancient Abbey on the East Cliff, as well as it’s connections to Captain James Cook, the Dracula Story, and having the best Fish & Chips in the world.


The town has a decent sized park which is sandwiched between St. Hilda’s Terrace, Bagdale & Chubb Hill.

Inside Pannett Park you will also find the town’s Museum and Art Gallery.

The town is split in two by the River Esk, with the halves known as the “East Side” and “West Side”, or “East Cliff” and “West Cliff”.

They are joined in town by two bridges, the Swing Bridge (1909) and a newer high level bridge opened in the early 1980’s. There is another bridge further upstream in the village of Ruswarp, next to the Station.

The harbour has 4 Piers, with the larger “West Pier” and “East Pier” having recently been restored in 2019/2020 after a long campaign by locals to save them.

They feature 2 long extensions jutting out into the North Sea, and 2 old stone lighthouses.

There are 2 smaller piers inside the harbour, with “Tate Hill Pier” being next to “Tate Hill Beach” which connects to the East Pier, and mentioned in the Dracula story by Bram Stoker.

The other one is the “Lifeboat Pier”, which as the name suggests is next to the RNLI’s lifeboat station.

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