Whitby Regatta 2022

A couple of weekends ago, the 2022 Whitby Regatta took place (13th – 15th August).

For the first time in a number of years I keenly got ready to go the night before, making sure my camera batteries had electricity in them and making sure my computer was set up properly to accept the footage I’d record, ready to get it online.

I had been looking forward to the event for weeks once I knew the Red Arrows were coming for the first time in a long while on a day I could actually get down to see them, as after the last time I caught them in 2011 I decided I needed a better camera to capture footage of them at following Whitby Regatta events, and invested in a top-rated Panasonic HD camcorder to do so.

So this weekend would be the first time since I bought the bloody thing 11-years ago that I’d been able to use the thing for the job I bought it to be able to do.

I keenly set off to town with time to spare to get into position, or so I hoped.

Unfortunately when I got to town, all the parking spots were stuffed full, I drove round for the best parts of 40-minutes looking for somewhere to park, before giving up because the car was running on fumes.

From what I heard after I got back the Red Arrows display (as well as pretty much anything else worth trying to get footage of) got canned because of a “sea fret” (translation: it was a bit foggy).

After that bloody carry on I was too pissed off to bother with the rest of the event, and didn’t see the point of trying to do the remaining 2 days of the event having missed the first, and lost my mojo.

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