YorkshirePage TV

This is a YouTube channel I created a few years ago to stick video content for my Yorkshire based websites seperate from my personal YouTube channel in order to show event footage from around Yorkshire (mainly Whitby since that’s where I’m based and currently aren’t earning enough from my websites to be able to afford to venture much further on a regular basis yet).

I originally named it after my Yorkshire tourism website, then improvised it to “Whitby & Yorkshire Channel” after I canned the domain for that website to save money and it was the best name I could come up with at the time until I could think of something better.

I’ve now settled on changing it again to “Yorkshirepage TV” to go with the merging together of all my Yorkshire websites into this wordpress blog, as a sort of play on the name of “Yorkshire Television“, the former regional ITV franchise holder.

Embedded below is a playlist of what I released so far (with 2020 being a dead loss with everything mothballed)……..

Eventually I want to try build it up like other moderately successful content creator type people have with their channels.

Click Here to visit the channel on YouTube

I will probably also branch it out to other lesser known video sharing websites such as Rumble and DailyMotion after I finally upgrade to Fibre Broadband, which will make uploading things less of a pain in the butt that takes forever on bog standard ADSL broadband with an upload speed pretty much stuck at a maximum of 1164kbps tops.

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