This site first came into existance around December 2007 when I got a bit carried away with a first dabble into the world of Domain name investing, and potentially one day resell through a website such as SEDO.

I pressed it into existence as a singular page of links to Yorkshire things, and just kind of left it like that for a number of years – especially after a change of computers and a change of version of the Netobjects Fusion web design software I used back then.

Later on I added some mini-sites under some sub domains, and moved some websites I built under other yorkshire themed domain names I recently got shot of to try save a few quid in renewal costs.

During 2020 I contemplated the idea of merging them all into a singular wordpress based website to make them less of a pain in the arse to manage + try save some space on the webserver. I eventually got round to it on 26th January 2021, and here it is before you….

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