Climate Wanking Week

Apparently the idiots who’ve made your energy bills go through the roof are bringing a climate wanking week to the Yorkshire Coast this June in another one of their over-hyped flaps over the environment.

This comes as actual scientists are still revealing there’s nothing wrong with it. Continue reading “Climate Wanking Week”

Whitby Regatta 2022

A couple of weekends ago, the 2022 Whitby Regatta took place (13th – 15th August).

For the first time in a number of years I keenly got ready to go the night before, making sure my camera batteries had electricity in them and making sure my computer was set up properly to accept the footage I’d record, ready to get it online.

I had been looking forward to the event for weeks once I knew the Red Arrows were coming for the first time in a long while on a day I could actually get down to see them, as after the last time I caught them in 2011 I decided I needed a better camera to capture footage of them at following Whitby Regatta events, and invested in a top-rated Panasonic HD camcorder to do so.

So this weekend would be the first time since I bought the bloody thing 11-years ago that I’d been able to use the thing for the job I bought it to be able to do. Continue reading “Whitby Regatta 2022”

Violent Doncaster Estate Highlighted

There is a story today in The Sun newspaper about a housing estate in Doncaster dubbed “the worst place on earth”

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York Dustbin Wagon Fire

City of York Council reporting on their Twitter account today about a slight mishap on one of their dustbin lorries on a commercial round in Front Street, Acomb.

Whitby Area Events 2022

Here is a handy list of events happening in the Whitby area over the course of 2022, courtesy of Eskside Cottage on Twitter.

Health + Hard drive Space for pics / video footage permitting I might get out to cover a few of them to post on here.

North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commisssioner plans branded ‘bland and generic’

Article on the Planet Radio local news section for Yorkshire reporting on this a couple of days ago.

North Yorkshire’s third Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in the space of a year has been repeatedly told her first plan to improve policing is “bland and generic” and fails to reflect the passion she displayed before being elected.

Almost four months after securing 41,760 of the first and second-preference votes in a by-election for the £74,000 salary role in November, Conservative Commissioner, Zoe Metcalfe, appeared composed as she faced the criticism from members of the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Panel.

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Selby Area Having Outbreak of Burglaries

The Yorkshire Post has this story on their twitter feed just recently, warning of a spate of Burglaries in rural villages near Selby on the border of North, West & South Yorkshire.

A car described as a grey VW Golf linked to the incidents has apparently been recovered, and cops are increasing patrols in the affected areas. Continue reading “Selby Area Having Outbreak of Burglaries”

Large Number of South Yorkshire Apartments Flunk Fire Safety Checks

ITV News (Calendar) is reporting on their social media tonight that South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have reviewed all 205 high rise buildings located in their patch after the Grenfell fire down in London.

The results do not appear too brilliant, with 177 buildings having flunked the checks, and only 28 out of the 205 scoring a pass.

It comes after the government ordered checks on all buildings over 18 metres to be carried out by the end of 2021 – a target which South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue met.


8 Yorkshire Towns Among Top 50 “Worst Places to Live” in England

The Sun newspaper has a “Top 50 ‘worst places to live’ in England ranked in controversial poll” article on their website today, and 8 towns from the Yorkshire Region are among them.

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More Spicy Weather Forecast for the Yorkshire Coast Tonight (1st + 2nd December)

Looks like that’s the gusty winds blasting off again on the Yorkshire Coast….. forecast currently says 29mph winds with 48mph gusts for 4pm around Whitby.
50mph gusts between 5pm to 7pm
53mph gusts after 7pm
Finally predicted to drop below 50mph wind gusts around 11pm, but picking up again around 4am, and peaking around 5am with 57mph gusts before starting to drop again
Had a brief blast of sleet around 2:11pm for like maybe 30-45 seconds
Looks like snow due tonight between Guisborough + Staithes / Hinderwell / Lythe sort of area around 6pm for around an hour.
Forecast map showing other patches of snow over Loftus + Goathland / Grosmont / Rosedale around 7pm, with some hitting Whitby around 9pm.
Band of rain responsible looks to clear off out to sea around Midnight.